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Olsun Electrics is a leading dry type transformer manufacturer that has been providing solutions to multiple industries for the most challenging environments for over six decades.

From any custom design imaginable to quick-turn standard units, we can meet most any customer application need.

Transforming the Power Industry with:

  • Dry Type Transformers
  • Specialty Need Expertise
  • Intricate Design Mastery
  • One-Off Manufacturing Capability
  • Highest Quality Craftsmanship
  • Standards Compliance Adherence
  • Peerless Engineering Knowledge

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Recent Projects

Retrofits For Industrial Transformers, Power Distribution System Manufacturer

Power Distribution System Manufacturer

A Power Distribution System Manufacturer has ordered a total of 48 Low Voltage 500kVA Core & Coil Transformers for one of their Data Center projects.

Retrofits For Industrial Transformers, Acute Care Facility, Power Distribution

Acute Care Facility – Power Distribution

Nine Sub Station Transformers were ordered by a healthcare organization for the largest, single construction project in its history.

Naval Shipyard Power Distribution Transformer

Naval Shipyard Power Distribution Transformer

A total of 20 transformers shipped to a major naval shipyard. These units are another showcase of Olsun’s capability to provide numerous value added features to transformer designs.

University Power Distribution

University Transformer Power Distribution

Scheduled for completion in the Summer of 2018, a 4.5 acre site will serve as a centerpiece on this prestigious university campus out East; but Olsun’s work is done with a transformer already delivered to the state-of-the-art building which will house a School of Business, Welcome Center, Auditorium and Fitness Center.

High Low Voltage Sub Station Transformer Testing

High Low Voltage Transformer Testing

Three units were shipped to a company specializing in servicing, maintaining and installing high- and low-voltage distribution pad mount, pole mount and sub station transformers.

Substation Transformers For Quarries

Substation Transformers For Quarries – Quarry Development & Expansion

Four transformers were ordered by an electrics products and services company with their ultimate destination being a quarry in northern Illinois.

Core Coil Transformer Tunnel Ventilation

Major Public Tunnel-Power Distribution

This Core & Coil transformer will be installed in a Ventilation Building for New York’s Lincoln Tunnel.

Military Hospital Power Distribution Transformer

Military Hospital-Hospital Power Distribution

One Core & Coil transformer was ordered by an independent electrical distributor with its destination being an Army Hospital.

Power Distribution Transformer For Switchboard Mfr

Major Brooklyn Department Store-Power Distribution

A switchboard manufacturer ordered 10 transformers [two 300 kVa and eight 750 kVa units] for a famous department store in downtown Brooklyn, NY.

Automotive Assembly Plant Power Distribution

Automotive Assembly Plant-Power Distribution

A total of 31 Sub Station transformers were shipped to a large auto production plant.

K-Rated Transformer University Laboratory

K-Rated Transformer for a University Laboratory

This K-Rated transformer was ordered by a Florida electrics company for placement in a renovated hall on a Pennsylvania college campus.

Residential High Rise Power Transformer Distribution

Two of eight total transformers with high voltage close coupled to switches were delivered to an 803 foot tall midtown New York condo tower.

Hot Topics

Olsun SilPac UL Approved For Hazardous Locations

For over 25 years, the dry type transformer marketplace has come to expect the best hazardous location low voltage transformers from Olsun Electrics Corporation, specifically the original HazPac™ three and single phase transformer.

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