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Specials - Current Transformers for Secondary Connections

current transformers secondary connections


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“Two… Two… Two Secondaries in One” – Special Rectifier Application Transformer

Olsun Electrics Special Transformer offerings include Rectifier application transformers with unique electrical features like dual or phase shifted windings as well as those listed below. Let Olsun help you rectify the situation with their special dry type transformer designs for 6, 12, 18 or 24 pulse rectifier applications.

  • Electrical design to meet the specific requirements of the Rectifier Manufacturer
  • Larger kVA at lower voltages available
  • Dual secondary windings, in phase or phase-shifted relative to each other as required
  • Designed to meet maximum transformer impedance requirements
  • K Rated for rectifier application
  • Electrostatic shield for noise attenuation
  • Temperature monitor switch(es) in the winding(s) as required
  • Small footprint for tight spaces
  • Special enclosure paint colors available

Current Transformers for Secondary Connections

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