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Custom Transformers Engineered For You

In the transformer manufacturing industry very few orders can be classified as “Standard”, but when they are, Olsun certainly builds them and builds them better.

So if they aren’t Standard, what are they? Customers tend to label them “Custom Transformers” or “Special Transformers” but here at Olsun we think a more appropriate term  is “Engineered”. In reality, we engineer to order. After all, we have been an engineering company from the start.

Our business is grounded in engineering design expertise.  The hard stuff doesn’t phase us–we’re up to the challenge.

Like our tagline says, “We can do that!”

What are the most requested elements that call for engineering above the standard parameters?

  • Busing Arrangements
  • Retrofit Physical Specs
  • Meters
  • Breakers
  • Neutral Ground Resistors [NGRs]
  • Primary Disconnects
  • Core/Coil Size
  • Enclosure Sizing
  • Customized Documents
  • Special Certifications

Uncommon applications are common for us; and that’s a differentiating factor that sets Olsun Electrics apart from our competition. Let Olsun design a custom transformer for your specific needs.