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Retrofits For Industrial Transformers

Retrofits For Industrial Transformers

Olsun has earned the reputation as the “King of Retrofits”

If you currently have a transformer that simply needs a retrofit, partner with Olsun Electrics. We are the kings of retrofits for industrial transformers. Our competition won’t typically touch a retrofit because quite honestly their capabilities don’t fit the project. They want to sell you a transformer they have on the shelf or build you a standard unit.

They don’t like to think outside the box, let alone the enclosure, because they don’t have the customization skills or engineering know-how needed, but we possess.

The process is quite simple:

  1. Fill out the appropriate form and send to Olsun
  2. An Olsun representative will contact you to discuss specifics, any obstructions/obstacles and destination of the unit
  3. We’ll design your retrofit and send the drawing to you
  4. Upon approval we’ll build it

If The Transformer Fits, Retrofit It!

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