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Recent Projects - 38kV Load Interrupter Switches for New Flat Steel Complex

A total of twenty-one 38kV Load Interrupter Switches were designed and manufactured for a new facility in southern Texas with an annual capacity of 2.7 million ton. The line side of the switch is protected by surge arrestors and the load side of the switch is connected to a 15MVA liquid filled transformer. This switch may look standard from the outside, but the many features on the inside make it another highly engineered solution from Olsun.

38kV Load Interrupter Switch Features:

  • 600 Amp, Three Phase, 150kV BIL
  • Nema 3R Outdoor Enclosure
  • Cold Rolled Steel with ANSI 61 Gray Powder Coat Finish
  • Gasketed Doors and Panels
  • Solid Bottom Plate with Removable Gland Plate
  • Insulated 0.25” x 2.00” Silver Plated Copper Bus with Boots
  • 29kV MCOV Intermediate Class Surge Arrestors on Line Side
  • Air Terminal Chamber with Glastic Cable Supports for Connections to Transformer
  • 0.25” x 3.00” x 10.00” Silver Plated Copper Adapter Plates on Load Side
  • Four 6 Foot Cable Leads Installed to each Adapter Plate
  • Compression Lugs Included
  • Strip Heaters with Thermostat Control
  • Auxiliary Contacts on Switch Shaft wired to Terminal Blocks
  • Provisions for Key Interlock

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