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Transformer Manufacturing Capabilities

Olsun has the design and manufacturing capabilities under one roof to build the custom transformer solution to your specific design requirements. While many transformer companies have converted to strictly stock items, we have remained the premier choice for customers’ most sophisticated electrical needs.

Those capabilities extend to being able to handle retrofits. We make the replacement a simple process and actually have forms available that you can fill out to jumpstart the process and ensure it moves forward smoothly.

Like our tagline states: We Can Do That!

Olsun is aggressively embracing the emerging Electric Vehicle (EV) market as well. We’ve been working directly with the engineering staffs of EV charging system organizations–resulting in successful Olsun engineered-solutions encompassing both low voltage and medium voltage substations.

Our Distinguishing Power Factor is Craftsmanship

With a long history of bringing very intricate designs to life, Olsun is recognized in the industry as a brand of transformer craftsmanship. Our team of professionals applies the best methods to the best designs and the best materials. The end result is a high quality, standards compliant product.

Well Grounded Flexibility

Although uncommon applications are common for us and we have the unique ability to design specialty, one-of-a-kind transformers, we can also manufacture standard units. In reality, it’s all about giving you a proven solution rather than a simple product—no matter how complex.

See How We Have Been Winding Our Way To Excellence for Over 60 Years By Watching Our Building Process

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    Design Engineering - Our engineering design expertise provides transformer solutions to fit your specific needs, when an off the shelf transformer just won't do.
Scene 1: Design Engineering
Scene 2: Coil Winding
Scene 3: VPI Varnish
Scene 4: Miter & Butt Lap Cores
Scene 5: Core & Coil Assembly
Scene 6: Enclosure Fabrication
Scene 7: Base & Clamp Fabrication
Scene 8: Powder Coat Paint System
Scene 9: Encapsulated Cores
Scene 10: Bus Bar Fabrication
Scene 11: Final Assembly
Scene 12: Transformer Test Systems

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