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Exciting Careers at Olsun

an olsun electrics employee spaces out coils on a newly manufactured transformer

Many exciting careers await you at Olsun Electrics. As a leader in the transformer industry our company is constantly seeking talented individuals with expertise and enthusiasm for their job. Click below and fill out the Job Application which we will consider for open positions or keep on file for future reference.

Open Positions:

Coil Winding Machine Operator Trainee

Olsun will train new employees how to wind the many different designs of electrical coils that are assembled to transformer cores.

Description: Operate and monitor coil winding machines following blueprints and layout specifications. Measure and load materials, braze or weld terminals to wires, and make adjustments to obtain final product. Inspect coils, update status and report quantities.

Skills: Machine operation, blueprint reading, brazing, welding, tools and inspection.

Coil Winding Machine:

a broomfield 450 coil winding machine that olsun electrics uses for manufacturing their transformers
interior of a transformer in the coil winding process at olsun electrics

Thank you for considering Olsun Electrics!