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Neotech strives to be a go-to solution center utilizing Olsun Electrics as the perfect fit on its line card for dry-type transformers and load interrupter switchgear. The rep firm promotes itself as having the engineering expertise and unique product access needed for challenging projects—which puts it perfectly in step with us and our tagline “We Can Do That!”

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Olsun Electrics’ Load Interrupter Metal-Enclosed Switchgear provides a reliable and safe method of switching as well as overcurrent protection for primary feeders. These LI Switches are an economical, cost effective solution where high duty cycle operation is not required.

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New Website Launched

On Monday, October 3, 2016 Olsun Electrics officially debuted its new website. Dave Giffels, Director of Sales & Business Development, said the site is intended to be more user friendly and provide greater detail on Olsun’s expanding product line.

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Sales Rep Event Energizes Organization

On September 13th and 14th, Olsun Electrics  hosted its first ever Sales Rep Master Class. The great turnout shows the commitment of our sales organization. Many of our independent sales reps from all over the United States and Mexico joined us in Lake Geneva, WI for a two day, in-depth overview of the company’s products and capabilities.

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