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Meet Your Olsun Sales Team

Jeff Jachowicz

When not working with the cool folks at Olsun, Jeff (a frustrated musician) enjoys his choir, playing drums, & helping direct kids in musical theater at a school in his home town of Kenosha, WI. Accordingly, given his musical background, Jeff’s highly technical response to customers asking why their transformers hum is “because they don’t know the words…”

Contact Jeff

Direct: 815-678-1532 Ext. 3243


Luis Diaz

Luis couldn’t get Olsun transformers off his mind – after being raised and attending college in Florida, he worked for a distributor there and sold our products in 1992. He is crazy about water sports, has lived in Spain and makes a mean Paella Valenciana (Chef Luis says the key is fresh seafood) which he will whip up the next time you’re in town!

Contact Luis

Direct: 815-678-1513 Ext. 3244


Corey Heckel

Corey has been with Olsun since 2011, providing expert cost analysis and manufacturing production support. She brings not only these mad skills to the sales party, but can golf a competitive 18-holes and complete your income tax return all at the same time.

Contact Corey

Direct: 815-678-1515 Ext. 2251


Tony Bruns

Tony joined Olsun with 35 years in the electrical industry where his work took him around the globe…he says coming to work in Richmond each day is like a vacation! A sports nut, he coached high school football for close to 30 years & can quote Ernie Banks’ Batting Average from 1957…and a 750 KVA transformer with his eyes closed!

Contact Tony

Direct: 815-678-1530 Ext. 3238


Letty Reeves

Letty is from Mexico, where she received her Accounting degree and moved to the United States when she was 20. Fluent in Spanish, she teaches her co-workers the language and has them practice at the McDonald’s drive thru by ordering her a large Coke with extra ice. Her plans for total dry type transformer world domination will be complete when she finishes her degree in Electrical Engineering in 2026, or sooner!

Contact Letty

Direct: 815-678-1534 Ext. 3227


Georgia Fay-Radcliffe

The newest member of the Inside Sales team, Georgia comes to Olsun bringing over 30 years of knowledge in the electrical distribution equipment market. She does admit the learning-curve at the start of her career was tough as she was just 10 years old at the time.

This Wisconsin country gal’s high level of customer service that will be featured here at Olsun may only be surpassed by her service and dedicated support of those outside the organization. She possesses the desire and the talent to crochets beautiful prayer shawls which are distributed to those in need in her community.

She is excited to put her service skills to work as part of the Olsun family…and that too is a wrap!

Contact Georgia
Direct: 815-678-1510 Ext. 3245