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Meet Your Olsun Sales Team

Jeff Jachowicz

When not working with the cool folks at Olsun, Jeff (a frustrated musician) enjoys his choir, playing drums, & helping direct kids in musical theater at a school in his home town of Kenosha, WI. Accordingly, given his musical background, Jeff’s highly technical response to customers asking why their transformers hum is “because they don’t know the words…”

Contact Jeff
Applications and Product Development Manager

Direct: 815-678-1532

Luis Diaz

Luis couldn’t get Olsun transformers off his mind – after being raised and attending college in Florida, he worked for a distributor there and sold our products in 1992. He is crazy about water sports, has lived in Spain and makes a mean Paella Valenciana (Chef Luis says the key is fresh seafood) which he will whip up the next time you’re in town!

Contact Luis
Inside Sales Engineer

Direct: 815-678-1513

Tony Bruns

Tony joined Olsun with 35 years in the electrical industry where his work took him around the globe…he says coming to work in Richmond each day is like a vacation! A sports nut, he coached high school football for close to 30 years & can quote Ernie Banks’ Batting Average from 1957…and a 750 KVA transformer with his eyes closed!

Contact Tony
Inside Sales Engineer

Direct: 815-678-1530

Letty Reeves

Letty is from Mexico, where she received her Accounting degree and moved to the United States when she was 20. Fluent in Spanish, she teaches her co-workers the language and has them practice at the McDonald’s drive thru by ordering her a large Coke with extra ice. Her plans for total dry type transformer world domination will be complete when she finishes her degree in Electrical Engineering in 2026, or sooner!

Contact Letty
Inside Sales Engineer

Direct: 815-678-1534

Michael Barnes

“Mike” joins Olsun with over 20 years of experience in the automation industry with design, field service, and related supporting roles. When Mike is not at work, he is planning his next big vacation to complete his bucket list of visiting all 50 states. Mike is also an electronics junkie and always looking for new electronic gadgets to automate his home.

Contact Michael
Inside Sales Engineer

Direct: 815-862-1380

Kyle Daehn

Kyle is Olsun’s newest Sales team member. A high energy guy, Kyle is a die-hard Badgers fan who can rattle off game stats and scream “On, Wisconsin!” with the enthusiasm of someone who just won a lifetime supply of cheese curds. Before he became a go-to guy for all things Olsun sales related, Kyle was a Project Manager extraordinaire and knows how to tackle projects with the precision of a football quarterback, always aiming for that touchdown success. Whether it’s bringing Olsun energy to a customer meeting, developing business opportunities with our reps and customers or chatting about Badgers’ game highlights, Kyle is the guy. We are glad he is at Olsun and hopeful the Badger Network or ESPN doesn’t lure him away as a broadcaster!

Contact Kyle
Inside Sales Specialist

Direct: 815-678-1535

Mike Listenbee

Meet Mike, the newest addition to Olsun’s dynamic Sales team! With a deep-seated passion for adventure, speed, and precision, Mike brings an unparalleled energy to the table. Fueled by a spirit of exploration, Mike has always embraced the thrill of the open road. His fervent love for Harley Davidson motorcycles serves as a testament to his affinity for freedom and adrenaline. When he’s not cruising on his cherished Harley, Mike can be found immersing himself in the intricate world of electrical automation, honing his skills and staying abreast of industry trends. With over 30 years of experience in the electrical automation industry and more than 6 years dedicated to sales, Mike will bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in his new role.

Contact Mike
Inside Sales Engineer

Direct: 815-678-1510

Corey Heckel

Corey has been with Olsun since 2011, providing expert cost analysis and manufacturing production support. She brings not only these mad skills to the sales party, but can golf a competitive 18-holes and complete your income tax return all at the same time.

Contact Corey
Cost Analyst and Inside Sales Representative

Direct: 815-678-1515