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Specials - Fused Load Interrupter Switch in High Voltage Compartment

fused load interrupter switch high voltage compartment

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It’s the combination of this unit being a Pad Mount Transformer and being equipped with a Primary Fused Load Interrupter Switch that makes this unit “Special”. There are not too many requests for this particular combination and fewer manufacturers who are willing and able to build it. But at Olsun Electrics—“We Can Do That!”

Olsun Pad Mount, Compartmentalized Dry Type Transformers are engineered to provide a low cost, non-toxic, non-polluting, securely enclosed package for modern underground power distribution systems—in locations where the general public may be present. They are less hazardous and require less maintenance than liquid filled transformers.

Fused Load Interrupter Switch in High Voltage Compartment

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