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A worldwide hotel & resort lodging company selected Olsun Electrics to supply the dry type transformers needed to power one of its property’s television screens—the largest on Times Square. The two 2500kVA units are our popular Triplex design. Each consists of three single phase core and coils which are bussed together forming the three phase transformers, with the high voltage and low voltage connections being bussed to opposite ends. The fan cooling system includes a digital temperature controller.



Entering the All-Inclusive market with a resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica, a worldwide lodging corporation chose Olsun Electrics to supply the family-friendly destination with 1000Kva Medium Voltage Unit Substations.




A Public Transportation Authority in the western United States is working on two extensions to its light rail system intended to increase the total length of the line by about 6.2 miles. The dry type, Cast Coil Transformers designed and manufactured by Olsun Electrics were constructed for RI-9 extra heavy duty traction to withstand the continuous start and stop of the train. The unit substation-style enclosure is powder coat painted ANSI 61 grey with a custom busway opening at the top of the side panel.




A Hospital in Florida was experiencing a different type of emergency than what it was accustomed to. One of its 1500Kva Medium Voltage Transformers needed replacement, and complicating the situation was the fact that it was impossible to remove the entire transformer and enclosure. So in essence, a core and coil transplant was required.

Olsun Engineering and Olsun Manufacturing teamed up to design and build the transformer per our rep’s requirements. The result was a new transformer that arrived in time and was installed in the existing enclosure without any complications—right down to the mounting channels where it was mandatory they line up with the existing enclosure supports.