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Recent Projects - Medium Voltage (MV) Substations to Power Electric Vehicle [EV] Fast Charging Stations

Two OLSUN Medium Voltage (MV) Substations were installed at the headquarters of a global car manufacturer to power their electric vehicle fast charging stations. Each substation steps downs the power from the 19.8kV distribution line to 480V for six 350kW fast charging stations. The custom transformers have coils each with six secondary windings to provide power to the charging stations in addition to one auxiliary winding to provide power for other equipment. The secondary circuits are connected to the circuit breakers and the auxiliary circuit is connected to the breaker panel in the air terminal chamber.

Medium Voltage (MV) Substation Features:

  • Power: 1250 KVA [Quantity 1],1475 KVA (Quantity 1)
  • K Factor: 4
  • Primary Volt: 19800D
  • Multiple Secondary Volt: Six Sectional Windings 480Y and One Auxiliary Winding 480Y
  • Copper Wound, VPI Coils with Electrostatic Shields
  • NEMA 3R Floor Mount Enclosure for Outdoor Use/ ANSI 61 Gray Powder Coat Finish
  • Air Terminal Chamber with Hinged Doors for Circuit Breakers and Breaker Panel
  • Multiple Low Voltages Connected to Circuit Breakers and Breaker Panel
  • High Voltage Coupled to 38KV, 600A Load Interrupter Switch with 21kV Distribution Class Surge Arrestors
  • Strip Heaters with Thermostat

mv substation power electric vehicle fast charging station

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