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New Machines and Tooling Increase Capability of Coil Winding Operation

olsun coil winding operation

Olsun Electrics has invested in two new Broomfield 450 Series Coil Winding Machines for its coil winding operation. These new machines replace the last of the much smaller and older machines on the floor. Now, all of Olsun’s coil winding machines have the capability for mandrels up to 72 or 96 inches in length and coils up to 62 or 76 inches in diameter.

Olsun designs and manufactures dry type transformers with power ratings up to 6500 KVA and voltages up to 34.5 KV. This round of capital investment increases the capability of the coil winding operation for the complete range of products sold in any given schedule.

What Else is New at Olsun Electrics?

At the same time, Olsun also invested in a new MTM Round Expanding Winding Mandrel with hinged adapter plate for very quick changeover and unload times on the coil winding machines.

Investments in new equipment that will improve the performance and quality of its products will continue as Olsun expands into serving more markets, including Electrical Vehicle Charging.