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no load motorized tap switch


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Generally, a motorized tap changer or tap switch is associated with a Test Transformer. The tap changer switch saves time in the test lab which in turn leads to saving money overall.

Here are the primary Advantages/Benefits to a Tap Switch:

  • Accommodates fast tap change operation for test transformer applications/Minimizes test time by eliminating need to “move jumpers”
  • Provides a level of safety/Personnel are not exposed to transformer tap connections
  • Allows remote operation/Tap changing control can be consolidated or streamlined with other test equipment in test office
  • Interlockable/Provides level of safety to assure no-load tap changer is not operated while energized
  • Makes field/Site location tap adjusting easier for non-technical, non-mechanical personnel/Adds a safety benefit for those working on the transformer who may not be totally familiar with the product

No-Load, Motorized Tap Switch

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