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Olsun Transformers

Olsun Electrics combines the latest technological advances with proven features and utilizes the most advanced and superior materials for Olsun Distribution Transformers construction—greatly increasing performance, reliability and transformer life.

Olsun, a distribution transformer manufacturer, skillfully designs utilizing a vast accumulation of engineering experience and numerous checks through computer programs, research data and testing data (i.e. Heat Run and Impulse Testing)—attaining  minimum hot spots, allowing overload capabilities and optimum life expectancy.

All equipment is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the latest UL, cUL, NEMA, IEEE and ANSI standards. Sound levels are below published standards.

Current technology yields a dry type transformer that is fully equal to its mineral oil insulated counterpart. Dry types excel in several important aspects especially in terms of being able to be located:

  • Indoors without the use of a fireproof vault or special catch basins
  • On roofs
  • Near buildings
  • Anywhere within an industrial or commercial building

Industry standards have been developed to give users better yardsticks for specification and purchasing. The latest standard, set forth by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), encompasses those developed by IEEE, NEMA, ANSI and various other agencies. All Olsun distribution transformers are tested and built to these rigid specifications and assure the purchaser of reliability, safety and value.

Olsun distribution transformers are economical, can be outdoors with little concern for moisture in severe environments and are environmentally safe.


Load Interrupter Switches & Switchgear

Load Interrupter Metal Enclosed Switchgear provides a means for switching and overcurrent protection for Medium Voltage circuits. Load Interrrupter switches are available as a single, free standing section or multiple sections. Also available for close coupling to a dry type transformer or liquid filled transformer


With our business being grounded in engineering design expertise the hard stuff or special orders don’t phase us.

We essentially build to order, and are capable of practically any customization you need to meet your application’s requirements.

Like our tagline states, “We can do that!”


In addition to the common features your transformer will be equipped with and the options you choose over and above, we offer these accessories for particular needs and requirements:

  • Dust Filter
  • Forced Air & Provisions for Forced Air
  • Rodent Proofing
  • Space Heater
  • Temperature Monitor & Alarm
  • Thermal Switch