RFQ 800.336.5786

Drive Isolation Transformer

Power RatingThrough 1100kVA [600 Volt Class]
To 34.5Kv/Through 5000kVA [Medium Voltage Class]
BIL RatingsThrough 150kV
Frequencies50 or 60 Hertz
WindingsAluminum or Copper
Temperature Rise80°C, 115°C or 150°C
Electrostatic Shield
EnclosuresNEMA 3R (outdoor) Available through 15kV
Future Forced Air (FFA) or Forced Air (FA)
K Ratings4, 9, 13 or 20
UL Listing
Product Weights
Typical Lead Times
Efficiency Rating
Electrostatic Shield Material
Temperature Protection

Drive Isolation transformers are designed for use with AC and DC adjustable speed drives. The use of Silicon-Controlled Rectifiers, or SCRs, with adjustable speed drives has resulted in the need for transformers specifically designed for the application.

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