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Olsun Sil-Pac™ UL Approved For Hazardous Locations

For over 25 years, the dry type transformer marketplace has come to expect the best hazardous location low voltage transformers from Olsun Electrics Corporation, specifically the original Haz-Pac™ three and single phase transformer.

With its innovative bottom wiring compartment, hinged padlockable door and stainless steel construction, the Haz-Pac™ product has been the preferred and quality choice of customers and specifying engineers for their hazardous location and corrosive environment transformer applications.

Recently, Olsun Electrics’ SilPac™ encapsulated transformer was approved for inclusion into our UL E198883 hazardous location product file and into the hazardous location marketplace.  The SilPac product features identical Haz-Pac™ high quality electrical core and coil design and encapsulated construction with various enclosure options; NEMA 4 mild steel, NEMA 4X stainless steel, floor and wall mount enclosures.  With these and other available variations, Olsun can meet project application requirements from a product and pricing standpoint.

The SilPac™ is less expensive because it does not have the Haz-Pac™’s hinged padlockable wiring compartment door.

SilPac™ v. Haz-Pac™ Product Feature Comparison

Standard bottom wiring compartmentyesyesyes
Available Mild Steel (CRS) enclosureyesyesyes
Available Stainless 316 (Standard) or 304 Stainless Steel enclosureyesyesyes
Standard 115° C temperature rise / 80° C temperature rise availableyesyesyes
High grade core steel designyesyesyes
Sound level -3 dB from NEMA ST-20 referenceyesyesyes
Wall mountable (through specific sizes)yesyesyes
ANSI 61 gray paint standard enclosureyesyesyes
Customizable kVA, voltages, K-ratings and other electrical parametersyesyesyes
NEMA 3R enclosureyesnono
NEMA 4 / 4X sealed enclosurenoyesyes
Hinged padlockable wiring compartment doornonoyes
UL Listed (E59100) General Purpose encapsulated applicationsyesnono
UL Listed (E198883) for NEC 500 Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and Dnoyesyes
UL Listed (E198883) for NEC 505 Class I, Zone 2, Groups IIA, IIB and IICnoyesyes
Relative Price$$$$$$


While the majority of our business still centers around custom applications, we have found that there are commonly used encapsulated transformers and to meet that need we have developed a “Standard Encapsulated Product Offering” featuring our 28 most requested Sil-Pac™ transformers.

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