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Grounding Transformer Request for Quote

To assist you in filling out your Grounding Transformer Request For Quote, we have developed the following “Check List” of the application and system data that will be needed. Please take a brief moment and gather the following (10) basic pieces of information. Once you have gathered everything, it will be much easier and quicker to fill out the form.

  1. Winding configuration; either Zig-Zag or Two-winding
  2. Voltage(s) and BIL; The line to line value of the system to which the grounding transformer is to be connected. If a two winding grounding transformer is required, the secondary voltage must be provided as well.
  3. Continuous neutral current
  4. System available neutral fault current and duration, example 500 amps for 10 seconds, 4000 amps for 2 seconds
  5. Impedance required (percentage or ohmic value per phase)
  6. X/R ratio required (typically a value > 4)
  7. Indoor or Outdoor and special conditions, i.e. 2000 MASL, etc.
  8. Enclosure construction preference (ex. high security compartmentalized padmount, standard ventilated or substation design, special paint color, etc.
  9. Terminal/connectivity preferences, i.e. dead front, live front conventional terminals, etc.
  10. Transformer temperature rise, 150° C if not specified

All fields are required except as noted

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Primary Voltage



Secondary Voltage


Continuous Current (Neutral = 3 x Phase)


Fault Current


Duration (sec.)

Reference IZ

X/R (quoted at 75° C)

NEMA Application

Enclosure Style

Winding Material (optional)

Temperature Rise (optional)

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