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Harmonic Mitigation and Mitigating Transformers

Power RatingThrough 5000 kVA AND 34.5 KV
Temperature Rise150° C above 40° C maximum ambient
Electrostatic ShieldDual--Between primary and secondary windings
and between windings and core
EnclosuresNEMA 1 (indoor) / ANSI 61 gray
Efficiency RatingDOE 2016 as applicable
Electrostatic Shield MaterialCopper
ImpregnationVacuum Pressure Impregnated (VPI)
Temperature ProtectionThermal switches provided in each coil
Zero Sequence Impedance & ReactanceLess than 0.95% and 0.3% respectively
Insulation SystemUL Listed, Class R, 220° C insulation
200% rated neutral
ManufacturedIn the United States
Optional Features1) Copper windings
2) Temperature rise of 115° C or 80° C above 40° C maximum ambient
3) NEMA 3R, 4, 4X or 12 enclosures
4) Custom enclosure colors
5) Noise attenuating primary surge suppression
6) Noise attenuating secondary passive capacitive filtering

Above Attributes Table shows Specs for a Standard Harmonic Mitigation Transformer from Olsun Electrics

Olsun Electrics’ HM harmonic mitigating transformers are designed for non-linear loading applications such as those utilizing switch-mode power supplies. This type of loading includes computers and computer servers and related equipment such as printers, monitors and copiers… most any electrical equipment utilizing a resident power supply. Related applications include data centers, schools and office buildings, theater and recording studios, financial and similar institutions where single phase line-to-neutral equipment containing switching power supplies are used.

Olsun Electrics’ Harmonic Mitigating Transformers

Utilizing flux cancellation and phase shifting designs, Olsun HM transformers mitigate third order (triplen) harmonics seen by the transformer, preventing primary winding coupling and the resulting noise that would be reflected back onto the feeding circuit.