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General Purpose Ventilated Transformers

General Purpose Low Voltage Power Transformer (600 volts)

Power Rating15kVA through 250kVA, Single Phase [higher available]
15kVA through 250kVA, Single Phase [higher available]
UL ListingFile E78350
Efficiency RatingPer DOE 2016
VoltagesPrimary & Secondary combinations through 600 Volts
BIL RatingsStandard 10 kV [higher available]
Frequencies50 or 60 Hertz [others available]
WindingsAluminum (standard) or Copper
Temperature Rise80°, 115° or 150°C [others available]
Insulation System220°C
EnclosuresNEMA 1 or NEMA 3R
[pad mounted high security and others available]
ColorBaked on powder coat ANSI 61 Gray
[custom colors readily available]
K RatingsNone (K1) standard. K4, K9, K13, K20 available
Terminations< 50 kVA bottom terminated, > 75 kVA top terminated
TapsPrimary, standard typical +2/-2 at 2.5% [others available]
CoreHigh quality non-aging grain oriented electrical grade steel
ImpregnationStandard resin sealed, dipped and baked
Lead Times3-4 weeks standard, 4-5 weeks custom designs

Olsun Electrics General Purpose Ventilated Single (GS) phase and Three (GT) phase power transformers are the high quality constructed and DOE efficient units the industry has come to expect from Olsun for supplying power to electrical distribution systems.

Olsun’s general purpose products include not only conventional voltage combinations but feature a special emphasis on non-standard voltage arrangements for those unique voltage applications. All products are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with applicable UL, cUL, NEMA, IEEE and ANSI standards. Efficiency levels at or above DOE 2016 requirements and sound levels at or below NEMA ST-20 referenced standards make Olsun GS and GT products the preferred choice.

Quickly customizable, high quality, quiet operation, extreme durability and long life reliability are only a few of the benefits included and what you’ve come to expect from Olsun Electrics General Purpose transformers.

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General Purpose Medium Voltage Transformers

Power Rating15kVA through 500kVA [Single Phase]
15kVA through 750kVA [Three Phase]
VoltagesAll Combinations through 15kV
BIL RatingsALL through 95kV
Frequencies50 or 60 Hertz

Product Reference Chart

These transformers have compact dimensions for mounting either indoors or outdoors. They can be mounted as close to the load as possible to minimize secondary cable runs.

Current technology yields a dry type transformer that is fully equal to its mineral oil counterpart. Dry types excel in several important aspects. They can be located indoors without the use of a fireproof vault or special catch basins, on roofs, near buildings or anywhere within an industrial or commercial building. Industry standards have been developed to give users better yardsticks for specification and purchasing. The latest standard, set forth by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), encompasses those developed by IEEE, NEMA, ANSI and various other agencies. Olsun Medium Voltage Transformers are all tested and built to these rigid specifications and assure the purchaser of reliability, safety and value. These Olsun transformers are economical, can be outdoors with little concern for moisture in severe environments and are environmentally safe.

A solid ground connection is made between the core, the core clamping members and the transformer mounting members. A flexible copper strap grounds the enclosure to the transformer mounting members. This ground point may be used to ground the neutral of the secondary, if desired, and/or to ground to the building ground. An external ground lug or stud will be provided if requested.

Download General Purpose Medium Voltage Transformer Brochure