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Medium Voltage Substation Transformers

Power RatingThrough 1000kVA [Single Phase]
112.5kVA through 5000Kva [Three Phase]
VoltagesAll combinations through 34.5kV
BIL RatingsAll through 150kV
Frequencies50 or 60 Hertz
WindingsAluminum or Copper
Temperature Rise80°C, 115°C or 150°C
EnclosuresNEMA 3R (outdoor) available through 15kV

Dry Type Unit Medium Voltage, or MV, Substation transformers are designed for close coupling to primary and/or secondary equipment.

Choosing a dry type, substation transformer for your application is the smart choice for several reasons. They can be located indoors without the use of a fireproof vault or special catch basins, on roofs, near buildings or anywhere within an industrial or commercial building. [Olsun can also provide an outdoor application substation utilizing a NEMA 3R enclosure.]

Industry standards have been developed to give users a guide for specification and purchasing. The latest standard, set forth by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), encompasses those developed by IEEE, NEMA, ANSI and various other agencies.

Olsun Electrics’ Medium Voltage (MV) Transformers

Olsun Electrics Medium Voltage Transformers, or MV substation transformers, are all tested and built to these rigid specifications and assure reliability, safety and value. They are economical, can be outdoors with little concern for moisture in severe environments and are environmentally safe. They are available with overload capability of 33% greater than nominal ratings with fan cooling. They are supplied meeting DOE 2016 regulations per 10 CFR-431.

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