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Single Phase Tri Plex Transformers

Whether you have limited elevator capacity or other access restrictions, Olsun Electrics can provide a Single Phase Tri Plex Transformer replacement unit that will accommodate your power needs with a sleek sectional solution. In the construction process, the transformer is installed well before the final walls are built, making replacement an often difficult situation.

Single Phase Tri Plex transformer designs consist of three, single phase core and coils in a covered enclosure with common bussing. It allows for disassembly of each core and coil to easily move through a building—an advantage where either weight or dimensions are a limiting factor for moving to the installation site.

The load interrupter switch has a narrow design with reduced weight to fit the standard elevator capacity. The unit is designed in three sections that can be reassembled in the final replacement location. The enclosure can be color matched with a powder coat finish.

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