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Recent Projects - Pad Mounted Cast Coil Transformer for University Campus Building

A large OLSUN Pad Mounted Cast Coil Transformer was shipped to the University at Buffalo in upstate New York which will provide the primary power to a campus building. The transformer will step down the power from the subtransmission voltage of 34.5kV to 480V for the lighting and equipment in the building. The copper windings of the coils are cast in epoxy resin which will provide more protection from the harsh winter conditions in this region. The enclosure measured 120” x 120” x 64” and the powder coat finish was a custom dark brown color specified by the university.


  • Power: 2300KVA
  • K Factor: 1
  • Primary Volt: 34500Y/19199
  • Secondary Volt: 480Y/277
  • 5-Legged Core Design for Wye-Wye Application
  • Copper Wound Cast Coils
  • NEMA 3R Pad Mounted, Compartmentalized, Tamper Resistant Enclosure
  • Cold Rolled Steel/ ANSI 440C Dark Brown Coat Finish
  • Digital Temperature Monitor with CPT
  • Distribution Class Lightning Arrestors
  • Space Heaters with Thermostat

pad mounted cast coil transformer

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