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Recent Projects - Pad Mounted Transformers to Power Airport Runway Lighting

Six medium voltage units will help light the way for planes on three new runways under construction at one of the world’s busiest airports – Chicago’s O’Hare International. The two designs were: 1) Step up Transformers with the primary connected to Load Break Disconnect Switches that were installed to the outside of the enclosure; or 2) Step down transformers with the primary connected to NX Arc Strangler Fuses in mountings that were installed in a compartment of the enclosure.

Airport Runway Transformer Features:

  • Step Up Power: 25 kVA [2] and 10 kVA [1]
  • Step Up Primary Volt: 480
  • Step Up Secondary Volt: 2400
  • Step Down Power: 25 kVA [2] and 10 kVA [1]
  • Step Down Primary Volt: 2400
  • Step Down Secondary Volt: 120/240
  • Single Phase
  • Copper Wound, VPI Coils w/ Electrostatic Shield
  • NEMA 3R Cold Rolled Steel Pad Mounted Enclosure
  • Primary Load Break Disconnect Switch [Step Up]
  • Primary Fuse NX Arc Strangler [Step Down]
  • Distribution Arrestor

transformer powers airport runway lighting

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