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Recent Projects - Medium Voltage [MV] Dry Type Pad Mounted Transformers Provide Boost for Battery Energy Storage System

Pad Mounted Transformers Step Up the Electricity for Distribution on Electrical Power Grid

Three OLSUN Power Grid Transformers were required for a new solar power and battery storage system at a large public university in the State of Massachusetts. The new project included two new solar power canopies over parking lots that will produce 4.5 million kilowatts hours of electricity, new charging stations for electric vehicles and new battery energy storage system. The OLSUN pad mounted transformers are required to step up the electricity from the storage system for distribution on the university electrical power grid.


  • Power: 925 kVA (Quantity 1); 2250 kVA (Quantity 2)
  • K Factor: 9
  • Primary Volt: 480Y/277 (Quantity 2); 600Y/346 (Quantity 1)
  • Secondary Volt: 13800D
  • Aluminum Wound, VPI Coils
  • NEMA 3R Pad Mounted Enclosure
  • Tamper Resistant, Compartmentalized Design with Padlockable Doors
  • Cold Rolled Steel with Munsell Green Powder Coat Finish
  • Distribution Class Arrestors

Olsun Electrics manufactured these Power Grid Transformers for a large university

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