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Specials - Secondary Air Terminal Chamber for Six Circuit Breakers

1750 kva transformer, secondary air terminal chamber six circuit breakers

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“Talk about your CRANE technique”. Let Olsun Raise Your Expectations to New Heights.

Olsun Electrics special transformer offerings include crane duty dry type substation arrangements. The special arrangement shown here includes a primary air terminal compartment with padlockable door close-coupled to a dry type transformer K rated for crane duty. In addition to the features below, a low voltage breaker section with the breakers pre-connected to the secondary of the transformer cuts down field installation time.

Let Olsun’s special design creativity in transformer line-ups help you deal effectively with the ups and downs of your crane application.

  • Single source for the transformer and secondary gear
  • Low voltage secondary breakers mounted and shipped with the assembly to accommodate bottom exit of load feeder cables
  • Entire assembly braced for crane duty
  • Included ground fault monitor and neutral grounding system
  • Included primary surge protection
  • Included thermostatically controlled space heaters
  • Included temperature monitoring with alarm contacts and control power transformer
  • Included factory installed and coordinated interlocking scheme
  • Windings electrostatically shielded
  • Dry type transformer saves weight over liquid filled units
  • No dielectric insulator (oil, etc.) to leak into waterways

Secondary Air Terminal Chamber for Six Circuit Breakers

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