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Recent Projects - Substation Transformers Manufactured for Coal-Fired Power Plant

Four medium voltage units were custom manufactured for a 1.3 gigawatt, 1300 (MW) coal-fired power plant station in Indiana. Built in the early 1950s, the facility is situated on 820 acres along the Ohio River. All six of its generating units are rated at 217.26 megawatts (MW), for a total capacity of 1,303.56 MW – enough to power a city of one million people. Those generators produce electricity at 15,500 volts while the transformers outside the plant step up the voltage to 345,000 volts so that it can be transmitted efficiently to customers.

Coal Fired Power Plant Transformer Features:

  • Power: 660 kVA [2], 750 kVA [1], and 330 kVA [1]
  • Primary Volt: 4160D
  • Secondary Volt: 480Y/277, 575Y/332 or 480D
  • K Factor:13
  • Aluminum Wound, VPI Coils w/ Electrostatic Shield
  • NEMA 3R Cold Rolled Steel Sub Station Enclosure w/ Bottom Cover Plate
  • HV Close Coupled to 15kV 600 Amp Load Interrupter Switch w/ 150E Fuses
  • Thermostatically Controlled 120 Volt Strip Heaters

power plant transformer

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