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Recent Projects - Substation Transformers Step Down Electrical Connection And Step Up Environmental Protection

Olsun Medium Voltage [MV] Substation Transformers Installed at Biogas Facilities For Renewable Natural Gas

Two OLSUN MV Dry Type Substation Transformers were installed at different biogas facilities in the state of Colorado. The substation transformer steps down the electrical connection from the main line to provide the power for the operation of the processing equipment at the facility. The switch allows the operator to open and close the line and the circuit breaker provides protection to the load. These facilities produce renewable natural gas and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Power: 2500 kVA
  • K Factor: 1
  • Primary Volt: 12470D
  • Secondary Volt: 480Y/277
  • Aluminum Wound, VPI Coils
  • NEMA 3R Substation Outdoor Enclosure
  • High Voltage closed couple to 15kV 600 Amp Load Interrupter Switch
  • Low Voltage closed couple to 3000 Amp Current Limiting Circuit Breaker
  • Air Terminal Chamber with Throat for Low Voltage Terminations and Hinged Access Door for Circuit Breaker
  • Cold Rolled Steel with ANSI 61 Gray Powder Coat Finish
  • Strip Heaters with Thermostat Control

substation transformers manufactured by Olsun Electrics for biogas facilities in Colorado

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