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New Equipment Upgrades for Powder Coat Paint System Improves Cost and Quality

powder coated dry type transformers

Olsun Electrics has installed new equipment for its powder coat application process which has provided a significant upgrade to the overall system performance in terms of cost and quality.

The new powder pumps operate at a much higher efficiency so much less air pressure is required. The new powder spray guns provide a much better positive charge to the powder that is sprayed on the parts which have a negative charge. The new main controller can store up to 255 recipes each with the 9 different settings for the total of 12 guns in the automatic powder coat spray booth.

a nordson icontrol 2 system purchased by olsun electrics to powder coat transformer products and accessories that they manufacture

Left: Main Controller, Right: Powder Spray Guns

The new light curtains determine the shape of the parts and the time the different parts enter the booth. A new encoder was installed to the line conveyor so the line speed can be calculated. The light curtains and the encoder are connected to the controller which then determines when the different spray guns turn on and off as the parts move through the automatic powder coat spray booth.

The Olsun paint system is an eight-stage process with an electrostatically applied and oven cured TGIC polyester powder coat paint producing a finish that exceeds 2,000 hour salt spray test requirements.

new spray system purchased by Olsun Electrics to powder coat the products that they manufacture

Left: Light Curtains, Right: Powder Pumps

Powder Coated Dry Type Transformers

Olsun Electrics continues to invest in new equipment that will improve the performance and quality of our products. A new automated mitre core cutting and stacking machine has been purchased with the installation scheduled by the end of this year.