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Recent Projects - 750kVA Medium Voltage Transformer to Help Rebuild Island Resort

Back in September 2017, Hurricane Irma destroyed Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, located off the fabled Florida Keys coastline and so remote it’s only accessible by sea plane or boat. They are still in the process of a total transformation and rebuild—a project expected to be completed in January of 2020.

Olsun Electrics has custom designed and manufactured a 750kVA NEMA 3R Stainless Steel 316 Medium Voltage Substation Dry Type Transformer for the resort.

750kVA Medium Voltage (MV) Transformer Features:

  • Power: 750 kVA, Single Phase
  • Primary Volt: 7970
  • Secondary Volt: 240/120
  • Copper Wound, VPI Coils

750kva medium voltage transformer

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