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Recent Projects - Power Distribution System Manufacturer Requires Core and Coil Transformers

A Power Distribution System Manufacturer has ordered a total of 48 Low Voltage 500kVA Core and Coil Transformers for one of their Data Center projects.

The Core and Coil units were designed with dual secondary windings and the overall dimensions had to meet a very tight space requirement specified by the customer.

To date, Olsun has shipped 24 of the transformers with the balance of 24 in the building process in order to meet an expedited project and production schedule.


  • Low Voltage Core & Coil
  • Primary Volt: 480D
  • Dual Secondary Volt: 208Y/120 & 400Y/231
  • Power: 500 KVA
  • K-Factor: 9
  • Aluminum Wound
  • Electrostatic Shield
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation

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