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Recent Projects - Steel Manufacturing Plant Medium Voltage Substation

Two transformers were shipped as part of this project aimed at upgrading a major steel manufacturing plant in Ohio. Olsun’s customer is actually a large steel conglomerate based in India which is in the process of acquiring the plant and making significant expenditures in order to ramp up to the plant’s potential capacity of 3 MTPA, or million tons per year, of steel. The first phase of the project will involve revamping and restarting the plant’s electric arc furnace and slab caster while modernizing the hot strip mill.

Features [Transformer #1—Medium Voltage Substation]

  • Power: 1782kVA
  • K Factor: 9
  • Primary Volt: 4160D
  • Secondary Volt: 210D with 185D Tap
  • Copper Wound, VPI Coils
  • HV and LV Bussed to Ends
  • Front to Back Coils for Liquid Filled Replacement
  • NEMA 1 Floor Mount Indoor Enclosure, ANSI 61

Features [Transformer #2—Medium Voltage Coil & Core ]

  • Power: 1500/2000kVA
  • K Factor: 1
  • Primary Volt: 13800D
  • Secondary Volt: 480Y/277
  • Copper Wound, VPI Coils
  • HV and LV Bussed to Ends
  • Fan Cooling System including Digital Temperature Controller

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